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The process is not difficult but requires patience and practice to get right. An enormous amount of time and care goes into each stage of creating a printed board.


A digital image is transferred onto the selected surface - plywood, dressed pine, glass or metal. The subject of the image is generally brought to the fore with a softening of the background and an interesting, slightly raised wavy texture.

. . .

Each piece of timber is carefully chosen for its pale colour and decorative wood grain, which shows underneath the image, especially through lighter colours. Every piece of wood has a different grain - no finished board looks the same as another, even if it displays the same picture.


Text can be added to enhance or caption the image.


An image transferred to glass or metal sheet does not have the underlying wood grain, but it is more weather resistant and can live outside (in as protected an area as possible for maximum longevity).


We are currently in testing for new products and different materials. Keep checking back as there will be sample pics as soon as they are available.


Commission pieces are welcome. Supply an original photo to incorporate into a one-off personalised piece, or multiple trophies for a business or club presentation or competition. Gift vouchers are also available.


Every item is carefully made by hand. Each piece of material is cut by hand, and there are no shortcuts and no quick methods to transfer the image to the base material. Sometimes the transfer process can result in the loss of a small part of the image, which contributes to each piece's uniqueness and adds a quietly intimate charm. Text can be incorporated into the image, or it can remain au natural.


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